Head Start Program

Give Your Puppy a Head Start in Training

Give Your Puppy a Head Start in Training

The skills your puppy learns at a young age are the building blocks for their adult hunting dog training. You can make sure that your puppy gets a good foundation by bringing them to Midnight Retrievers, LLC. We offer a Retriever Head Start Program for puppies that are four months old.

During this program, your puppy will:

  • Stay with us for two weeks at a time
  • Adjust to the sights and sounds of a new environment
  • Learn the basics of light obedience training
  • Be introduced to live pigeons to build a drive to retrieve

Training will continue in two-week rotations until your puppy is six to seven months old, which is old enough to begin full-time training. To find out more about the training your puppy will receive, contact us today.

Each two-week stay costs $400. Keep in mind that it includes intensive training by professionals who specialize in training hunting dogs. We'll prepare your dog to not just be your best friend at home, but also your favorite buddy on a hunt. For details, reach out to us right away.