Choose From Two Hunting Dog Training Programs in Shreveport, LA

Our Retriever training services start at $700 per month

A hunting dog is the perfect companion on long trips, but training a hunting dog can be difficult. Fortunately, the owners of Midnight Retrievers, LLC in Shreveport, LA know how to turn happy-go-lucky puppies into focused, eagle-eyed retrievers. You and your pup are sure to benefit from our hunting dog training program.

By working with your dog one-on-one, we'll make sure they...

  • Get accustomed to the sound of gunfire
  • Are paying attention to ducks in the vicinity
  • Can find and retrieve birds that have been shot down

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The American Kennel Club Hunt Test Competitions are for owners that want to take their dog's ability to the next level. Enrolling your four-legged friend in our retriever training program could be their first step toward earning the prestigious title of...

Junior Hunter
Senior Hunter
Master Hunter

Reach out to us today to learn more about our hunting dog training program in Shreveport, LA.