Send Your Pup to School in Shreveport, LA

Our obedience training services start at $700 per month

Your Dog will be taught to come to you when called, heel beside you, and sit when told to do so. Your dog might not respond to these commands now, but he will after graduating from Midnight Retrievers, LLC's dog training program. We've taken the stress out of training disobedient pups by providing expert obedience training services in Shreveport, LA.

We'll teach your dog to...

  • Obey simple commands like "here", "heel", and "sit"
  • Understand commands using a leash and an E-Collar
  • Respond to commands independently during the second month

Depending on your pup's needs, choose the one- or two-month program. Sign up for our convenient obedience training services now by calling 318-422-2605.

To make sure your pet learns quickly, they'll stay with us in Shreveport, LA for the duration of their training.